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Authors: Withers, C., R. Vieira, J. Sonne
Title: "Revised Technical Progress Report Fourth Quarter 2011 ARRA: Energy Code Compliance and Effectiveness Measurement "
Published: Florida Solar Energy Center , Rpt: FSEC-CR-1914-12, Mar. 23, 2012
Subjects: Energy Codes, Energy Code Compliance
Abstract: This report covers work completed during the Deliverable 4 project period from August 1-December 2011 and shows progress in accomplishing the Energy Code Compliance and Effectiveness Measurement objective to develop and conduct an energy code compliance and effectiveness study. A contract modification has resulted in a new objective to evaluate energy code enforcement practice. Work completed is discussed under the five primary tasks of : 1) Develop a work-plan for housing audits, 2): Find and perform energy audits in houses, 3) Present data analysis to the Commission, 4) Analyze code effectiveness, and 5) Evaluate energy code enforcement practice.
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