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Most Recent Publications (showing last 10)
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Publication Date
Raustad, Richard Semi-annual Program Progress Performance Report for University Transportation Systems PPPR#8 Oct-2017 PDF View Abstract
McIlvaine, Janet Florida Rural Small Business Energy Assistance Collaborative Final Report Sep-2017 (none) View Abstract
Myron, Jeffrey 2017 Florida Energy Code Software Verification Test Report: EnergyGaugeŽ USA version 6.0 Sep-2017 (none) View Abstract
Colon, Carlos Measured Performance of a High-Efficiency Solar-Assisted Heat Pump Water Heater Sep-2017 PDF View Abstract
Fenaughty, Karen Phased Deep Retrofit Project: Real-Time Measurement of Energy End-uses and Retrofit Opportunities Aug-2017 PDF View Abstract
Tatari, Omer Socio-economic Implications of Large-scale Electric Vehicle Systems Jul-2017 PDF View Abstract
Dhere, Neelkanth Solar Energy Research Institute India US (SERIIUS) Project, Quarterly Report April-June, 2017 Jun-2017 (none) View Abstract
Qu, Zhihua Techno-Economic Analyses of Large-Scale Electric Vehicle Systems Jun-2017 (none) View Abstract
Qu, Zhihua Optimal Charging Scheduler for Electric Vehicles on the Florida Turnpike Jun-2017 PDF View Abstract
Block, David Transportation Planning for Electric Vehicles and Associated Infrastructure May-2017 PDF View Abstract

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