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Publication Date
Sonne, Jeffrey Improved Hot Water Code Calculation May-2017 (none) View Abstract
Block, David Automated and Connected Vehicle Implications and Analysis May-2017 PDF View Abstract
Dubarry, Matthieu Electric Vehicle Battery Durability and Reliability Under Electric Utility Grid Operations May-2017 PDF View Abstract
Mckenzie, Katherine Electric Vehicle Energy Impacts May-2017 PDF View Abstract
Block, David Semi-annual Program Progress Performance Report for University Transportation Systems PPPR#7 Apr-2017 PDF View Abstract
Sonne, Jeffrey Residential Code Review for the 2017 Florida Building Energy Code Apr-2017 (none) View Abstract
Nan Qin, Nan Fuel Cell Vehicle Technologies Final Report Mar-2017 PDF View Abstract
Qin, Nan Electric Bus Systems -A Case Study and Optimization Study Mar-2017 PDF View Abstract
Kettles, J. Doug Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies Analysis and Standards Feb-2017 PDF View Abstract
Colon, Carlos PV-Driven Heat Pump Water Heater Final Report Feb-2017 PDF View Abstract

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