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Parker, Danny Improving Best Air Conditioner Efficiency by 20-30% through a High Efficiency Fan Diffuser Stage Coupled with an Evaporative Condenser Pre-Cooler Apr-2014 (none) View Abstract
Fairey, Philip Comparative Performance Analysis: HERS Index Score Dependencies Related to Home Geometries and Operating Assumptions Feb-2014 PDF View Abstract
Martin, Eric Impact of Residential Mechanical Ventilation on Energy Cost and Humidity Control Jan-2014 PDF View Abstract
Colon, Carlos Side-by-Side Testing of High-Efficiency Condensate Natural Gas and Solar Water Heating Supplemented by Natural Gas Annual Report Dec-2013 (none) View Abstract
Mcilvaine, Janet Applying Best Practices to Florida Local Government Retrofit Programs Dec-2013 PDF View Abstract
Cummings, James B. Energy and Peak Demand Savings from "Right Sizing" of Fixed Capacity (SEER 13) and Variable Capacity (SEER 22 and 21) Heat Pumps with Attic and Indoor Ductwork for the FPL Service Territory Oct-2013 (none) View Abstract
Vieira, Robin Flexible Residential Test Facility: Impact of Infiltration and Ventilation on Measured Heating Season Energy and Moisture Levels Oct-2013 PDF View Abstract
Parker, Danny Energy and Economic Optimization to Achieve Near Zero Energy Homes in Europe: Implications of Inclusion of Lighting and Appliances Sep-2013 PDF View Abstract

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