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Publication Date
Kettles, J. Doug Electric Vehicle Charging Technology Analysis and Standards Feb-2015 PDF View Abstract
Brooker, R. Paul Fuel Cells as Electric Vehicle Range Extenders Jan-2015 PDF View Abstract
Colon, Carlos Technical Assistance for the Electric Load Survey and Battery Energy Storage Recommendation at the Dry Tortugas Garden Key National Park Dec-2014 (none) View Abstract
Gusrialdi, Azwirman Scheduling and Cooperative Control of Electric Vehicles' Charging at Highway Service Stations Dec-2014 PDF View Abstract
Parker, Danny Phased Retrofits in Existing Homes in Florida Phase I: Shallow and Deep Retrofits Dec-2014 PDF View Abstract
Click, David Solar Power at the Turkey Lake Service Plaza: A Project Analysis and Best Practices Guide Nov-2014 (none) View Abstract
Withers, Jr., Charles R. Investigating Solutions to Wind Washing Issues in Two-Story Florida Homes for the FPL Service Territory; Phase 2 Nov-2014 (none) View Abstract
Block, David Second Semi-annual Program Progress Performance Report for University Transportation Systems Oct-2014 PDF View Abstract
Raustad, Richard Electric Vehicle Life Cycle Cost Assessment Sep-2014 PDF View Abstract
Qin, Nan A Study of Tallahassee StarMetro Electric Bus Fleet Sep-2014 (none) View Abstract

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