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Most Recent Publications (showing last 10)
Primary Author
Publication Date
Parker, Danny Estimating Daily Domestic Hot-Water Use in North American Homes Jun-2015 PDF View Abstract
Sonne, Jeffrey Investigation of the Effectiveness and Failure Rates of Whole-house Mechanical Ventilation Systems in Florida Jun-2015 PDF View Abstract
Nigusse, Bereket Developing Exhaust Air Energy Recovery Credits for the Florida Energy Code May-2015 (none) View Abstract
Fairey, Philip Maximum Energy Efficiency Cost Effectiveness in New Home Construction May-2015 PDF View Abstract
Vieira, Robin 2014 Florida Energy Code Software Verification Test Report: EnergyGaugeŽ USA version 4.0 Apr-2015 (none) View Abstract
Block, David Semi-annual Program Progress Performance Report for the Electric Vehicle Transportation Center PPPR#3 Apr-2015 PDF View Abstract
Block, David Electric Vehicle Sales for 2014 and Future Projections Apr-2015 PDF View Abstract

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