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Publication Date
Lytle, Charles A. Business Plan for Sustaining the Solar Plans Design System Apr-2016 (none) View Abstract
Block, David Semi-annual Program Progress Performance Report for the Electric Vehicle Transportation Center PPPR#4 Apr-2016 (none) View Abstract
Block, David Automated, Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Technology Assessment Mar-2016 PDF View Abstract
Dhere, Neelkanth Comparison of the Modes and Mechanisms of Degradation of Experimental c-Si PV Modules with Various Encapsulants Feb-2016 (none) View Abstract
Parker, Danny Phased Retrofits in Existing Homes in Florida Phase I: Shallow and Deep Retrofits (February 2016) Feb-2016 PDF View Abstract
Sutherland, Karen Phased Retrofits in Existing Homes in Florida Phase II: Shallow Plus Retrofits Feb-2016 PDF View Abstract
Fairey, Philip Relationship between the Home Energy Score (HES) and the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Jan-2016 PDF View Abstract

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