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Certified Building Energy Raters

The Florida Solar Energy Center trains and certifies RESNET HERS Raters. These individuals are Quality Assurance tested on an annual basis if they are actively registering ratings and are tested at least once in every three years if they are not actively registering ratings. The search engine below will find FSEC Certified Raters. Additional listings of Home Energy Raters in other locations nationwide may be found on RESNET's Rater Directory site.

In addition to training RESNET HERS Raters, FSEC also has continued to maintain the listing of the now obsolete Florida Class 2 and Class 3 raters. These individuals are trained to assist RESNET HERS raters and have been trained to accurately perform Florida code compliance calculations.

Note to Building Officials: Selecting the RESNET HERS Rater option in the "Rating Class" pull-down menu below will return all individuals certified through FSEC to accurately perform both blower door and duct testing.

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Key to Rating Classes:

Door Tester
Certified through FSEC to perform RESNET Standard Blower Door Tests on residences using site performance test data.
HERS Rater
Certified by FSEC to perform RESNET HERS ratings on residences using site energy audit and performance test data as the sources for input data on which the RESNET rating is based.
Class 2 Res Trained and certified by FSEC to assist HERS raters using EnergyGauge software. These individuals are NOT certified as RESNET Field Inspectors and may NOT perform RESNET HERS ratings.
Class 3 Res Trained and certified by FSEC to model new residential plans for code compliance. This certification is NOT mandatory to do Florida code compliance. These individuals are NOT certified as RESNET Field Inspectors and may NOT perform RESNET HERS ratings.
Comm/Public Certified to Rate Florida commercial and public buildings.
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