For a limited time, the Energy Gauge Support Office is offering a reduced $269 rate on training on the new Summit FlaCom code compliance software. You can register for the training by filling up the registration form online.

Off-site FlaCom Training. FSEC will also consider conducting this FlaCom code compliance course off site. Our requirements are that the party requesting the training provide for a flat fee of $3,500 and all local course facilities with class attendance limited to 35 individuals. Interested parties should contact the Energy Gauge Support Office to establish course dates and times and for further information on this offering.

In addition, training in a variety of building science topics is available through our Building Science Training page.
Rater Training is also available through the following Rater Training & Certification organizations:

  • Florida Solar Energy Center
  • California Home Energy Efficiency Rating System
  • Energy Rated Homes of the Southwest
  • E-Star Colorado
  • Kansas Building Science Institute
  • Northeast home Energy Rating System Alliance
  • Southface Institute

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